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a selection of Copy edited Published work


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I have worked as an editor for over 12 years. My passion is to encourage clients to improve their writing skills and to publish academic material.  I have worked with hundreds of scholars from around the world. I am pleased to share my skills with you.  

Tracy Stober 

How May I Help You?

Would you like to publish your work? When you submit a well-edited, refined piece to a publisher, you have a better chance of being accepted. Having the help of an experienced editor and project manager can make that happen. Are you preparing for a presentation? Getting advice and learning public speaking techniques can build your confidence.  Do you speak English as a second language?  Would you like additional feedback on a writing project? Learn from your mistakes by requesting special attention be placed on your work. Would you like to improve your speaking skills? One-on-one, customized tutoring is also available.

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